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Book now for Home services or delivery of SPA services, Yes Happy spa is leading doorstep massage service provider in Bengaluru region. Book your session by slots after ensuring at least 2 hours prior booking for the day. We are decade experienced SPA service providing company, We strictly follow by understanding SPA ethics.
Guest can choose Female or MaleTherapist.
People referring to Home Services are :
Shy oriented : Walk-in to Massage or SPA parlor is a SHYNESS or bringing your society reputation down.
Privacy : Going on SPA centers should be your life secret.
Freedom : Your Home or Location is your freedom and non-disturbing self ZONE.
Desk orient Job: Your desk jobs leading to Back-pain and Stress.
Emotional Breakup: Mind and heart breaking situations arising in life from trustworthy people.
GYM or athletes : Muscle fiber tension relieving massages like Deep tissue given by professional therapists.

Body massage home services in Bangalore

Tariff or Rate card for Home Service Body Massage

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Dry Massage, Deep Tissue, Dry or Sports Massage with Standard duration of 60 mins will start from Rs 1800 excluding transportation or cab charges. This price will rise up to Rs 3000 if you choose therapist who is located far away from your destination. Refer to our detailed Tariff Card updated on regular Basis. | Flash deals and discounts applied automatically.
Work Timings of Massage therapist in Happy SPA
95% of staffs work from 10am to 7pm only | 5% or less are available after hours - You will be charged accordingly for after hours session.

How to Book Body massage Home services

Plan: No Masseur is near you always, Do not expect somone to vanish and appear within 20mins. Its Luck and co-incidence only. Please plan your appointments 2 hours ahead. No Magic like 20 mins delivery with us. SPA and beauty services are non essential luxury service - Do not try without budget for entertainment.

Fix up your time and Location : Very important when and Where do you want the service.
Masseur preference : Please proceed with our suggested therapist, mostly we will work with previous guest feedback, less money minded and extremely professional certified therapists.
Choose : Male or Female therapist | South or North Indian
Enquire : "Name, Age, Location or Area, When you want" put these details on Watsap

full Body massage home services in Bangalore
Confirm : After discussion, Confirm your session by sending time and Map Location.
Feedback : Leave your genuine feedback, So we always keep our staffs in well-mannered all time.

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What is the Massage cost for Home service in Bangalore | Tariff

All Massage duration is 60 mins only, Inclusive of Cab or transportation charges are quoted always for hassle free transparent billing. Book a doorstep Massage now.
Swedish Massage : Price Starts from Rs 2000, Nearest masseur will serve the purpose.
Deep Tissue : Price Starts from Rs 3500
Swedish Premium : Popularly known tantric massage starts from Rs 4000 with satisfying and Happy services. Disclaimer terms
Signature Massage : Rs 12000 onwards for 100 mins Massage Sessions, Its a double session of Swedish Premium like. Refer to our tariff section

Which Massage to choose?

Swedish | Aromatherapy
Light Pressure on Muscles, General mind and body relaxation. Primary muscle massage., Neck, Shoulder and Back tension relief. Recommended for new comers.
Deep tissue | Sports
GYM or Chronic pain in Muscles, Back pain or accidental recovery massage. Inner muscle group is targeted. Suggested for athletes and gym lifestyle people.
VIP | Signature
Extended hour premium package for longer relaxation with best available professional therapist. Recommended for people who seek deeper relaxation.

About us | Happy SPA Bangalore

Running our SPA center in Bangalore, By Understanding Home service benefits with guest and masseur. We have been running Home SPA Saloon from years. Professional and trained massage therapist are hired with masseurs background verification to make the process smooth enough.
We make sure hired staff is of Professional and hygiene.
1. Better looks and best age range for job.
2. Not money minded from guest.
3. Adaptable to all situations and travelling.

Why Choose us | Happy SPA

Showcase : We have not shown too many attractive fake pictures in our site.
Affordable : We never overcharge stating all unusual bills like cab, scrub, extras. What is said - is what you pay.
Friendly : Masseurs are environment and travel friendly, they don't demand luxury or show attitude.
Simple : Very simple booking process, Send basic details to receive confirmation call prior to assignment.
Genuine : Tricking or money grabbing or overcharge we don't do. Ours is genuine massage service.
Advance : We do not collect any reservation charges even for 1st time guest. All pay to masseur only.
Practical : We speak only possible tasks, we do not send therapist from north to south. They are zonal oriented for budget friendly service.

How to Prepare for Home Services for SPA session.

Mind ready : If its your 1st time, Be ready for your best massage session with less excitement.
Food : We suggest not to consume solid foods few hours prior to massage, If not may lead to vomit and discomfort.
Hydration : Always have plenty of water and liquid foods before and after sessions to remove toxic from muscle tissues.
Bath : Have a wonder full bath before and after sessions.
Specific oil : Apart from Body olive oil, If any specific oil to be used then its your turn to buy one.
Treatment exclusion : Mention Damaged body part or any accident pain area, for No-Massage regions. Consult physician if needed.
Comfort family members : Make sure only family member or friends who are comfort with sessions stay with you. Alone is better option.

How to Confirm My booking on Home Massage Sessions with Happy SPA

Name, Age, Map Location and time; detailed reply on Watsap will provide confirmation for your Massage session of the day. Make sure to mention Swedish or Regular or Swedish Premium type such that suitable profiles will be sent for Massage sessions.
Book Min 2-3 hours prior, Bangalore traffic and travel time is much needed.

Masseur profiles Description.

Female Massage therapist will be between 24 to 32 range aged. Do not expect too many younger profile (Its disappointing and dangerous too)
Certified and Trained therapist from Beautician or Physiotherapy background staffs are hired here.

We operate our SPA Center 10am to 7pm in following Locations :
Basavanagudi : Gandhi Bazaar road, Very much reachable from all south parts of Bangalore like Majestic, Wilson Garden and Banashankari - within 4kms.

Koramangala : Near Wipro Park Koramangala 1st Block, Reachable from Indiranagar, HSR Layout and Bommanahalli regions.

Yelahanka : Behind Jakkur aerodrome, Reachable from Yeshwanthpura and New- Airport Regions.

Detailed price breakup with locations will also be shared while booking a session.

What you should NEVER DO, after enquiring or Service completion - Very Important

Too Many Options : Asking for too many profiles, these category enquiry guest please stay away. Either select from given 2 or 3 profile only. Please do not go too much on photo looks and select people who do not know professional massage or cunning money minded people.
Out of BOX topics : Chatting out of Box topics not allowed strictly, Once therapist calls you please guide with address or general talks only.
Physical intimations : Offering physical intentions directly or indirectly not allowed.
More PICS or Video : Asking therapist pictures like full length or Half or with different dress. Video call intimations strictly not allowed. Such people stay away.
Rude Behavior : Your personnel angry mind-set or after therapy mind-set should not be rude to our staffs. They need basic respect than your money or business. Try to keep cool and calm all time.
Time extensions : Offering little money or Blackmailing for extending time like 90 mins from 60 mins is not allowed at all.
Capturing photos : Knowingly or asking a photo with Massage therapist is not allowed.
Come without informing : After session, repeating a therapist stating to come directly without informing to management is completely wrong way to deal. All calls and chats of therapists are tracked on daily basis, Do not be a small money saver in life. Always grow big, think big, Be big.
Tracking travel : Following therapist to her home or asking her address.
We at Happy SPA have gone through these situations and Experiences, Not only will lead to staff visit to your place, will also take legal action as per law. Book and Enjoy your service. Do not get addicted to anything, also friendship bonding is not possible in their busy schedule.

Full Body Swedish Massage in Bangalore

Regular full Body Massage involves a refreshing session of Head to toe with body massage oils. You will love the therapy and get addicted in all ways.
Starting with toes or foot and Hamstrings, Muscle tissue is made with circular and linear tapping motion.

full body swedish home service massages in Bangalore
Heading towards lower and Mid Back session for 20 mins to improve blood flow, Continued by arms and Shoulder massage. Chest and ABS are massaged gently with medium or Low pressure. Finishing the session with complimentary Head massage. All you are left with toxic secreting HAPPY spa massage for the day. Does it seem worth, Book your full body regular Swedish massage now.

Reflexology or Foot Massage

Did you know your foot is connected to every nerve and organ. Foot massage will help you heel muscle soreness, Mind relaxation, decreased stress levels.

Deep tissue or High Pressure Massage

Deep tissue home service massage in Bangalore

Are you going out of active daily life, No physical movements in job, then Deep tissue suggested for advance level people like daily computer or desk jobs.

Sandwich massage

Double or multiple therapist can be hired for Massage sessions, Generally these are expensive. Making it simple only the 2nd therapist travelling cost can be discounted. If your budget permits then only proceed else allow only 1 therapist to do the job in professional manner.

Hot Stone Massage

Using up to 6 heated stones to balance body during massage, helps to recover pain in specific part. These are pain reliving sessions.

Hot Stone massages at home in Bangalore

Slimming Massage

Have you wondered why slimming centers are popular nowadays in Bangalore, Yes people are facing obesity. Fat or cholesterol deposition in particular part of Body. Get slim and fit with proper exercise and diet. We use body slimming or fat burner oils for thinning and shaping body part. So get ready for any occasion or marriage with our Slimming massage.

Female Massage services at Home in Bangalore

Our therapist will provide Body massage services to females in Bangalore, Make sure to book 3 hours prior sessions for the day. Better digestion improvement with cholesterol controlled level in Body. Body massage will also help in weight loss.

Physiotherapy daily Massage

Are you person recovering from hospitalization or accidental injury in legs or any part, Yes physiotherapy massage for 21 sessions will bring the change, Aged people like 60 years and above should preferably add this massage, as it helps you to build strong digestion and better sleep. High mobility on joints are benefits of physiotherapy.

Sports Massage

High intensity gym workout, Muscle soreness recovery with intense blood flow to improve digestion and Mood. Highly sports training athletes like football or Cricket or Body building get better recovery in massage. Also benefits are high if your diet is good and strict calorie count based.

sports massage home service in Bangalore

Body Massage : Spa vs Home services

Lets break up the confusion the differences to visit spa or book a Home service (HS)appointments by following steps
Money : Very little difffernce, Eg Deep tissue in SPA and doorstep both are almost Rs 3000 onwards for 60mins
Time : If you are someone who have lot of time to spend then travel to nearest spa. Businessmen or busy person aged above 35 should prefer home services.
Profiles : SPA choices are limited, whereas HS has too many options to choose from the availability list.
Privacy : Unknown or public environment is disturbing from other guest, whereas you have fixed appointments in HS.
Busy : Service extensions or Hurry will be in SPA as other guests are waiting for their turn, HS - Very minimal work or few guest will be assigned to HS staffs.
Panic : Every time door knocked in SPA will make you panic for a stranger entry, HS is your zone get mind off relaxed massage.
Parking : Travelling to spa on busy roads, finding a parking itself is risky. Plan a non-travelling Home massage now.
Conclusion : Every type of service either HS or SPA has its own pros and cons - Guest should make decision based on time, Location, After service travel and Budget.

Full body massage home service Bangalore

Full body massage involves - Therapist strokes 3 times with optimum pressure for full back including shoulder muscles. Laterals are massaged gently with oils gently. Elbow and tricep muscles are rubbed gently to relax muscles. Both hands are rubbed with linear movement for better relaxation. Using thumbs to start with ending the double tapping technique. Whole leg is rubbed with linear, circular and double tap movements to achieve greater mobility and muscle relaxing scenarios. Thigh and Hamstrings are applied with higher pressure to make more relief. Proper foot massage with trigger point kneading techniques. Massaging using both hands fingers too. Generally 120 massage signature sessions are better at relaxing for the day. Chest and Stomach area is massaged gently with low pressure for blood circulation and skin health care. Complimentary head massage for every full body massage sessions make a swedish session great day. Book Happy spa home service session now.

Ayurvedic massage Home service in Bangalore

It involves combination of massage with lifestyle, food habits, physical daily movements. Ayurvedic massage can help you heal any disease or stress by increased blood circulation, enhance skin complexion, decrease mind stress.
Shirodhara, Ubtaan and elakijhi, Abhayangam are some of full body ayurvedic massage, guest can try in nearest ayurvedic massage centres in Bangalore. We do have male and female therapist for home service. Book your doorstep session now.

Can I work as Freelancer for Home service Massage | Carriers

Yes, our doors of opportunity for full time and part time is open for
Fresher : Detailed stating your interest as new comer will help us in training with spa and saloon services.
Experienced : Masseurs working with other company, can explore additional bookings with Happy spa.
Share your resume and Profile on Watsap. To build carriers with us.

Cancellation Policy.

As we do not conclude final booking with any reservation amount. Cancelling an appointment is ZERO charges before therapist reaches your place. For entertainment purpose do not book and cancel it, as we will track such people and avoid them from taking services in any companies. Genuine cancelling reasons only accepted before masseur reaches your place. Once masseur reach your place full payment claim is compulsory.

Disclaimer in Short (Happy spa)
Don'ts - Price Bargaining, Misbehave, disrespect, time wasting, unwanted chatting or talks, video calls, asking more pictures, Video or audio recording talks and therapy treatments.

FAQ : Body Massage Home Services in Bangalore

Relating to Doorstep or Home Services

I am Male Can I get massage from female masseur?

Yes, Full body massage starts from Rs 1500.

Can I choose the therapist initially?

Last step is sharing profile pictures, Make sure to book with details to receive pictures at end of confirmation.

What is the timings and Duration of Massage?

Idle duration is 60mins. Daily operation from 10am to 7pm only. | Overtime staffs limited and subject to availability.

Do you serve at Hotels or Service Apartments?

Yes, Make sure to add the second guest details in your current hotel stay.

Refer to our FAQ page where all possible questions are answered in all possible ways | Disclaimer terms | Is it possible to get body massage 24 hours for doorstep.


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