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Reservations : Min 2 hours prior reservation is compulsory to take doorstep services, Walk ins to our SPA allowed only on scheduled appointment availability slots only.

Substitute : Chosen therapist will be substituted with equivalent skills in case of current therapist cannot reach your place for any reasons.

Cancellation terms : Guest can cancel appointments with prior information only. Not upon therapist arrival at destination.

Escort : We do not provide any Call girl or Escort services, Stay back from these intention enquiries.

Inappropriate Behavior : Kind and humanity behavior accepted all time. Rude behavior or out of box topic members are restricted from using service immediately without information claiming full service charge.

Timings : We do not work 24X7 | Subject to availability always

Age policy : Our service is intended for above 21 years adults only. Below age restriction applicable for service.

Medical : Physical and Physiotherapist are different from Massage therapist or Saloon staffs, Kindly Make your call to relax and rejuvenate service only.

Valuables : Therapist in your place, Valuables lost or missing HAPPY spa will not interfere in such scenes.

Physical Intentions : If you feel physical intentions during therapy, Kindly stop service, pause and Proceed. No member can force therapist to do which she is not willing to.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs influence : During Massage session if you are under alcohol or drugs, No service will be provided claiming charges in full.

Staffs : Our spa staffs are different from Home service providing staffs. Also too many option seekers stay away for therapist choices

Payment : We accept all UPI transfers and Cash. No Card swiping machine will be carried for therapy. In that case SPA visit with prepaid service is accepted.

Conclusion from HAPPY SPA :
We would have checked the therapist skills, age and Back ground verification of every working staffs. Any Physical or emotional bonding or body physical intentions between guest and therapist is purely subject to their personnel. Happy SPA no where connected in this scenarios. Ours is Genuine body massage service only.Book a doorstep Massage now.

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