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Relating to Doorstep or Home Services

I am Male Can I get massage from female masseur?

Yes, Full body massage starts from Rs 1500 for 45 mins session.

Can I choose the therapist initially?

Last step is sharing profile pictures, Make sure to book with details to receive pictures at end of confirmation.

What is the timings and Duration of Massage?

Idle duration is 60mins. Daily operation from 10am to 7am only. | Overtime staffs limited and subject to availability.

Do you serve at Hotels or Service Apartments?

Yes, Make sure to add the second guest details in your current hotel stay.

Should I tip the Masseur after service?

Wow, If you really loved the service and deserves same, Its your toss of decision.

Can I date a female Masseur?

No, This is not dating app or friendship app.

Why is transportation included in quote?

We want to send nearby therapist to make quote affordable, If you are ready to pay we are open to send selected profile from far distance too.

Can I pick a therapist to save cab charges?

No, Do not take her time for grant, She is trained well enough to travel alone to your place by cab or public transport. So do not create mess stating "I will pickup" " I Will feed her" and so on please.

Can I ask for more Pictures of therapist?

No, Basic profile photos are shared. Too many picture seekers stay away.

Is there any advance payment for reservation?

No, We do not collect advances as it puts both of us in committment. Better to pay masseur at your Location prior to session.

How do I Cancel a reservation?

We understand change of mind, Revert to booking session and cancel without any penalty. Before Masseur reaches your place - Cancellation allowed.

Will male or Female therapist sent for Massage sessions?

Its your choice to pick male or Female therapist for massage sessions.

Why guest age is being asked for massage?

Very young boys like teenagers seeking massages for advanture and fun, We do not entertain them.

Can I take Session from other masseur options?

Open option, Choose same or different therapist for next massage sessions

How Prior should I book Doorstep sessions?

Min 3 hours prior is recommended. 1 day prior is best so professionals are assigned.

What is the dress code to follow during session?

Disposable sheets and essential oils are carried by default. Its your level of comfort to wear clothes.

What massage suits for 1 timer?

60 mins Swedish oil massage is suggested for 1st timer as it is equal pressure on all muscles. Try deep tissue if you are athlete.

Anything else that I need to Know before booking Home service Massage Sessions?

From our Decade experience, We have written all beautiful roller coaster article experience, You May go throu. Do not forget to read what shouldn't be doing at the end of article.

Do you serve only in Bangalore?

Yes, For now only Bengaluru region only.

Still any doubts, Contact us on call.

SPA Centre visits FAQ

Can I get to Choose Massage therapist?

Yes South or North Preference choosing option is open all time. You cannot select specific therapist like age or state wise.

Should I Book appointment?

Instead of waiting in queue, Book - visit - exit is better to save time.

Which is the nearest Branch for my SPA visit?

We operate in 4 branches across Bengaluru, Nearest will be guided for sessions

Do I get shower and Steam?

Yes, Options to choose AC and non AC rooms

What other services can I get apart from Body Massage?

Hair Care, Skin Care, Body massages like Aromatherapy, Swedish, Lumi Lumi are massage choosing options in our SPA. Detailed menu card at reception for choosing.

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