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Yes a 60 mins session from female therapist will surely unwind your stress mind and soul. Full body massage involves starting from calfs, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Mid Back, Wider trapeze followed by chest and arms. All muscle tissues are equally pressurised by default. Guest can Either visit our SPA or Enjoy at home location based on individual comfort level.

full body home service in Bangalore

Based on goals guest can choose Types of Full Body Massages

Swedish : Light pressure with varying stokes and vibrating linear stokes, Generally a 60 mins session is good for beginners.
Aromatherapy: Using essential oils to smell good during session, type of Swedish massage to enjoy in full body with varying 45 and 60 mins sessions.
Deep tissue : Depth skin layers are massaged, Pressure is varied for different muscle tissues to achieve better mobility. It also involves joint relief from pains.
Swedish Premium and Hot Stone : Full body Swedish Premium sessions are performed for decent 60 mins sessions. Involves masseur using her body to balance the pressure during sessions.

Gender based Full body massages

Guest can choose either Female or Male therapist, Full body massage is a affordable and cheapest possible massages for relaxing and refreshing. Happy SPA delivers Female to male Full body massage to clients satisfactorily.

How to Book full body massage home services in Bangalore

full Body massage home services in Bangalore

Put details including when and where you planning for full body massage sessions. Based on therapist availability and pricing, your desire of having wonderful massage can be met. Make sure to book 3 hours prior or nearest available slots will be provided. Book a doorstep Massage now.

Refer to our detailed FAQ page for all your queries, Also planning your budget with our tariff card. Happy browsing to our Home PAGE

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